Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference




Man made formations (strata) are widely distributed in urbanised and adjacent areas as result of anthropogenic (technogenic) activities during historical times and especially during intensive industrial development. Man made strata comprise cultural layers, landfills, waste sites, abandoned industrial objects, mining tailings, non-remediated pollution sites and other formations accumulated without proper environmental management, monitoring and technical installations. In this respect, extension, thickness of the man made strata in many places are unknown and/or poorly mapped. However, specific properties of the man made strata are clearly reported and documented – these formations contain variety of pollutants, geotechnically are weak, unstable and unpredictable grounds, they are subject of severe liquefaction and landsliding during earthquakes. Therefore, man made strata are specific techo - geological formations with multiple and various environmental aspects, which must be better understood and managed.




·      Generate geoscience information for sustainable use of urbanised land and man-made strata;

·      Grow multidisciplinary initiatives, create new knowledge and tools to solve environmental problems related to man made strata and geopollution;

·      Through the work on man made strata and geopollution the WG will contribute to GEM’s mission of making urban planners and decision-makers aware of the essential role of   
geoscience to sustainable development and environmental management.

Work plan (2010-2012)

  1. To generate overview of man-made strata and geopollution in different countries in 2010;
  2. To generate 2-3 papers on methodologies of investigations of geopollution and management of man made strata (2010-2012); Submit one paper to Episodes.
  3. Populate GEM-MMS website with the outcomes of items 1 and 2 and other materials. 
  4. Organise 2 thematic wokshops (tentatively by Japan Branch of GEM) (2010-2011)
  5. Contribute with papers to GEM newsletter and woskshops (2010-2011)
  6. Organise Sympozium at the 34th IGC (2012)
  7. Report activities to GEM (annualy).


Organization and management


Management commitee:


Prof. Hisashi Nirei (Japan) – Chairman

Dr Jonas Satkunas (Lithuania), Secretary

Dr. Kunio Furuno (Japan), Secretary of Japan branch

Prof. Qingcheng He (China)

Dr. Adriana Mezano (Uruguay)

Dr. Brian Marker  (UK)

Dr. Malena Pessi (Uruguay)

Dr. Roy J. Shlemon (USA)